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2020 Marked TGDA as The Best Security Agency.

2020 turned out to be the best year for Thony G as we were marked as the best security agency. The reliable and trustable services of our intelligence team made it possible to achieve this milestone.

Home Security Companies Florida

Thony G is a home security company in Florida that offers security for boundary wall societies, apartments, or other residential living areas that are likely to have substantial security threats. However, residents’ biggest threat is burglary, break-ins, destruction and loitering, and property thefts. It is unlikely that your alarm system and electronic gates may offer you 100% security because they have some limitations. Moreover, your security systems may not protect you from more than one threat.

Thony G Detective offers residential security services that involve on-site guards that are well-trained and professional enough to make your surroundings fully secured and protected. Besides providing you with assistance on-site, we also offer security training off-site. The expert team at Thony G Detective knows that providing home security guard services isn’t easy. Nevertheless, we continue to provide the best assistance and rank among Florida’s best home security companies. Our armed and unarmed security men are trained under the surveillance of highly expert security professionals. Our training program helps security professionals learn unique tricks and tactics that make them experts and help them deliver reliable security services.

Home Security That Provides 24/7 Safety

Unlike other home security companies Florida, we do not neglect your need for security. We offer well-planned and organized residential security services. When there is an emergency or a red alarm signal, Thony G Detective is sure to be the first on the scene. It will only take us a few minutes to get to you once we receive notices or emergency signals. During the days that we are active 24/7, our surveillance team ensures that your security system is in good hands to focus on your work, sleep comfortably, and spend time with family.

Our licensed security guards also offer residential patrol services where we will visit your home and check its exterior to ensure it is fully secured. After all, the motive of our company and team of professionals is to provide the best home security guard services. If there are any doubts or dangers, the guards will also leave an alarm card positioned at easy-to-find places on the premises that can alert our security guards or signal a threat.


For our customers to get the best service, we also provide dependable customer support services. For this, our client service professionals respond to your queries promptly. Whether you have questions regarding the emergency alarm card, need immediate help, or want to take general details regarding our services, we serve you best in all aspects.

Trustworthy House Surveillance Assistance

Our team is always available to call if you’re worried about family or house while on vacation or attending a business meeting. We don’t have any limitations, unlike other Florida home security companies. Our goal is to assist you beyond your expectations and probabilities. To facilitate this, we have added a service of house surveillance where we help people who feel worried about traveling or for any other reason. You have to do when you are leaving your residence to contact Thony G Detective and leave the rest to us.

Our residential security services include security guards who will be keeping a close watch on your home/property at all times and will make sure to track-record people who are visiting nearby your house or those walking close by it. Moreover, our expert security officers will make frequent checks of all windows, doors, and locks at all times to ensure all is safe and secure.


Our function is to receive your packages or collect emails from your mailbox while maintaining confidentiality if you provide keys. A key will also allow us to collect your mail for you while you are away, water your plants, check the temperature, and assist you with anything else you may need. The guard’s attendance record and any other notes will be provided to you anytime you choose via fax or email. Consequently, if you have a pet at home you cannot travel with, you can leave its responsibility with our team. We assure you that our highly professional residential security services will not disappoint you. All you need to do is hire our residential security guard and leave the rest to us.

Services Included

Being a top-tier home security companies Florida, The objective of Thony G Detective Agency is to offer exceptional residential security services. Here are a few of our services that we can provide you with:


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