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2020 Marked TGDA as The Best Security Agency.

2020 turned out to be the best year for Thony G as we were marked as the best security agency. The reliable and trustable services of our intelligence team made it possible to achieve this milestone.

Security Patrol Services On-Demand

Your property is patrolled by our trained and experienced uniformed and masked security agents. To provide mobile patrol security assistance, Thony G Detective uses vehicles that are visibly marked. We assist clients throughout Florida and cover the whole geographical location of the clients. When a danger alarm is sounded, our mobile officers are likely to respond immediately to the location and conduct a thorough inspection of the area, both inside and outside.


Thony G and its security agents guarantee to keep your surroundings secured with professional patrol security services and through a strict inspection.

Personalized Mobile Patrol Security Services

We understand that every client has different needs and requires security in various ways. In some cases, it may depend on the peak hours, a budget adjustment, or a particular protocol. Due to this, TGDA’s security patrol team likes to communicate regularly with clients and take them on board as part of the action plan from day one. Based on their security needs, we then design a customized patrol security solution and support clients accordingly.

Thony G Detective offers a wide range of mobile security patrol services. Our services are accessible for construction sites, commercial, residential areas, corporate sectors, and many other places where patrol security is needed. We offer customized assistance based on your needs and preferences. A marked security vehicle with uniformed officers inspecting your area can increase security, deter thefts, and inevitably reduce crime rates in the community. We design unique security solutions for our clients, always keeping client satisfaction and security our top priorities. If any unfortunate incident occurs, we are just a call away from you. Our well-trained security experts are always on the verge of providing our clients with instant solutions and ensuring they are prompt in their actions.


TGD trains its officers on-site and off-site, helping them to take immediate actions when needed. Furthermore, before hiring mobile patrol security officers on board, we take strict trials where our expert security men critically analyze the skills of security agents and train them to polish skills at the utmost level. Besides this, our team experts also assist clients with both; regular and impromptu site visits that are voluntarily accessible for all our potential clients.


The security patrol agents are also guided by training specialists, who teach them how to be vigilant, show them the tricks and tips of spotting suspicious behavior, and support them in reporting anything that is off. By doing so, we can prevent problems in advance. Agents of our security patrol remain alert and informed by keeping in contact with our local agents, as well as the state’s authorities. The system keeps us informed about potential threats and assists in keeping up to date with ongoing situations. Besides this, we also have a team of secret agents at the back who keep in touch with the rest of the team. With our security patrol service, we can provide immediate help in an emergency and guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.

Security Patrol Agents That Go Above & Beyond

Our team has hired highly experienced and pro agents to cater to clients with the best mobile patrol security services.  To provide services that are above and beyond clients’ expectations, we rely on the skills of hired officers and give our two cents by arranging training sessions teaching unique security tactics now and then. On top of that, we also pay heed to other skills like conflict management, pressure handling, presentable communication skills, and how to handle last-minute uncertainty. Through the provision of effective training programs, TGDA helps sharpen the acquired skills of individuals and educates them on new approaches that are effective in different situations.

If you are looking for the professional help from security patrol services and want to keep your surroundings safe and secured, Thony G Detective is your best option. Our security services come with a guarantee of reliability and trustworthiness.

Security Patrol Services On-The-Go

We provide reliable security patrol accessibility throughout Florida. Throughout the premises, our agents ensure and enforce the highest level of security. This involves the prompt response of the alarm and mobile agents who keep inclusive checks and concierge assistance. Our assistance includes the following types of services:


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