2020 Marked TGDA as The Best Security Agency.
2020 turned out to be the best year for Thony G as we were marked as the best security agency. The reliable and trustable services of our intelligence team made it possible to achieve this milestone.

Corporate Security Services

Underestimating the need for corporate security can cost you an arm and a leg because your one wrong decision can result in a giant mess. But, unfortunately, many companies seldom pay no heed to the need for corporate security until or unless they have to bear data loss. There are also the confronting issues of break-ins or security threats. To help companies work with high-level VIPs, huge production companies, schools, hospitals, distribution centers, and other corporations, we offer our expert corporate security services. Thony G Detective is experienced in serving corporate security services in Florida and across its borders. Regardless of what business you run or which audience you target, security counts as the most important factor. To top it all off, we offer a customized security solution that can be used to safeguard your business at the highest level.

Corporate Security services of TGD diversify from vehicle searching, managing with alarms, and checking CCTV, patrols, and admittance control. Well-trained and uniformed security officers of our team provide a strict visual warning while without making it way too obvious in-crowd. However, Thony G Detective Security marks itself on top with several years of experience within the security industry when it comes to business security. No matter in whatever company you have, our experienced and SIA-approved security agents will offer a range of security assistance, be it the front side of your reception or either keeping a watchful eye on your CCTV.


Everyone prefers being safe and secured, and our team of expert detectives knows that the security needs of each person can vary from location to clientele or the reputation that a person holds in the corporate sector. Therefore, we count on these factors equally and assure corporate security agents that we will offer security services according to their needs and surroundings.


Choose your agent now and make your business secured from unnecessary threats and keep your data along with your employees safe.

Offered Services Include

Agents that we provide in offered corporate security services are legally licensed and are scrutinized to the most stringent security regulations. Our wide range of services include:

Licensed Security Agents with Corporate Security Experience

Hire Your Corporate Security Agent from TGDA and Get Your Business Secured With Guaranteed Trustworthy Security Services

Thony G Detective Agency strives to offer the best security services in Florida. We have built our team with professionals who have prior experience of serving in many corporate security companies. The security agency we operate offers innovative security solutions for all your needs. Our services range from providing immediate assistance to retail and corporate clients to assisting public sector, industrial, and healthcare professionals.
We understand that choosing reliable corporate security assistance from the stack for corporate security companies is one of the most crucial decisions. In order to stay on top, go for the most reliable and trustworthy security company or service. It is important that you make the right choice of a security agent since he or she will be the first to interact or meet visitors, and certainly the first to turn to if an emergency occurs. TGDA, therefore, considers security service an important aspect and assures to assist with the most reliable services possible.

In addition to having licensed and experienced agents working within the collaboration with you, we allow you to pick your own agent. Please share details of your corporate business with us, and we will suggest expert consultants based on that.

We Follow Aesthetical Security Agent Hiring Process

Security agents that we hire in our team to provide you best security services are licensed and well-trained. We conduct extensive background checks before appointing an agent to our company, so that we are sure of their trustworthiness. By using different trials and strategies, we can ensure a successful experience for an individual. Our corporate security services are here to provide you with expert and urgent security help. Regardless of where you are located in Florida, we are here to help you.

Our company offers security guards as part of our search criteria, but along with this we also look at personality traits, customer service capabilities, and as well as ability to interact with your firm’s customers to make sure the agent fits perfectly and can provide the best monitoring and security services.


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