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Providing Cost-Effective Services

To avail of our security services, you don’t need to go too heavy on your budget.

equipment SECURITY

Since cybercriminals are likely to target endpoints within the developing workplaces, the security providers of Thony G assure to protect your business and employees through constant surveillance and hardware-imposed security. Moreover, with the initiation of the pandemic, the probability of cyberattacks has been increased, and to assure that your PCs are fully secured, we provide system security that makes it easy for your teams to work under secured circumstances.


The team of Thony G is making it easy for you all to work without any security threat.



Get your security system installed, and let us deal with unexpected threats. Our systematically designed alarm systems help us stay on the verge and indicate right away when there is any threat to the system or organization.

Dummy Camera

TGDA use of dummy cameras help in obscuring organized commercial crimes. A tricky approach is used in camera installation that makes it unable for people to differentiate between the real and dummy cameras.

Heat Detectors

Your little negligence can result in the biggest disaster. To save our clients from any mishap and to fully secure them, we provide heat detectors that assist in giving us emergency calls, in case of  any inconvenience.

Motion Camera

Our motion security cameras keep a strict watch on your property from both inside and outside dimensions. Hire our vigilance team for high-alert security services.


The firing of employees, layoffs, disputes with the partners, or fierce competition at times makes Corporate Security inevitable. Your proactive approach in this regard pops up to call for corporate security services for executive protection. Regardless of the ground and social conditions, we all respect and consider security as a basic need. We are right here for your rescue backed up with a skilled, trained, and qualified team fully equipped to serve executive security services to you. Let us activate complete network security with security guards, smart systems, and firearms if needed.

private security

Rising higher, earning more fame, becoming a big leader brings with it a heightened probability of life threats, thus the need for private security. Sacred Band Security being the leading player in Private Security Companies deploy private security guard, perform 24/7 monitoring, closes watch for probable attacks and many others in the head for your private security. Our guards are well-trained to face emergency situations, qualified enough for the job, and are sound at smartly using the weapons when required. Bring us in your umbrella as a private security firm for risk mitigation.

residential services

Residential Security is the basic necessity when you observe burglaries happening after every 13 seconds in the US. The only resort to minimizing and reducing vulnerability are Residential Security Companies. Compromising your residence security is definitely not a good idea. Sacred Band Security comes up for your total home protection. Sacred Band Security has a solution for you whether you’re looking for personal residence security or for the whole community. We have a number of residential security systems that never disappoint. Patrolling, emergency-response, recording of entries and exits and a lot are available for you.

mobile patrol services

Mobile Patrol confirms all the security factors are intact and makes sure that everything is fine. The mobile patrol websites quite clearly describe why they are instrumental for your security. Our mobile security service takes into account many factors that are critical for your safety but at times go unnoticed. The Moble Patrol has its checklist to tick mark and validates all the things in and around your vicinity that are okay. Sacred Band Security’s mobile patrol services go beyond your satisfaction level to let you at peace. No worries at all.

security training

Our training assistance has different levels, carving a way to achieve a reputable position in the industry. With our direction, our learners gain referencing and profiling CV skills and get hands-on experience with each case.


TGDA also caters to get our learners in the loop with good security companies through our diverse connections. The highly experienced trainers of Thony G achieve an expert-level qualification and will pervasively influence others in joining hands with us.


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