Our Leading Security Company in Florida Can Spot Foul Play and Offer Immediate Assistance
Thony Georges Detective Agency is a licensed detective firm pledged to serve with integrity and precedent. Operating for more than 10 years, our platform has become a benchmark of intelligence, dedication, and confidentiality declaration.
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We Offer Top-Class Protection to Our Clients
Thony Georges Detective Agency consists of a highly proficient & experienced team of agents having expert knowledge in different fields. We prioritize client’s satisfaction and security that is reflected in our skilled investigation, confidential inquiries, and consultancy of custom affairs.
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2020 Marked TGDA as The Best Security Agency.

2020 turned out to be the best year for Thony G as we were marked as the best Florida detective agency. The reliable and trustable services of our intelligence team made it possible to achieve this milestone.


Our radars secure your surroundings from sleazy & foul players, within a reasonable budget.

If you ever find yourself trapped and willing to be proactive, then take our agents in the loop.


We make our security guard services convenient for customers through holistic perspectives. With highly secured services and an experienced team of intelligence, we offer competitive prices and assure you not to cost an arm and leg by going heavy on pockets. So, if you ever find yourself trapped and or willing to be proactive then take our agents in the loop. Our approach to offering services is to pay less, get more, and this factor makes us the most reasonable security company in Florida.


Expert detectives of Thony G have hands-on experience in law enforcement and security. In a nutshell, we are well armed to manage any type of case through our unique detective approaches. Our well-trained and licensed agents keep an eagle’s eye on opponents and solve your case by going extra with the investigation process. If you are caught in someone's web of deceit and looking for trustworthy security companies in Florida, then you are at the right place. We are providing diversified services and are just a code away from our clients.

All our potential clients need to do is, write to the leading security guard services near me in Florida, click on the site of Thony G, and give us a quick call or either drop a message.

Our story

Thony G is a private team of persistent detectives who know how to be an immediate problem-solver for the ones who are being trapped. For a decade we have been offering our intelligence and security guard services. However, when we found that it's getting difficult for our clients to reach us on an immediate basis, we thought of building a platform and bringing everyone under one umbrella. Our professional detectives are now all set to create safe surroundings around you and your loved ones!

We took the initiative to create a team of experts who are committed to providing highly professional security services at the most affordable prices after we noticed that people were in need of reliable security companies in Florida but were unable to locate enough options.

Discover Facts About Thony G Detective

We, being a leading security company in Florida, take surveillance and intelligence to the next level. With a positive attitude and tenacity, our agents pay heed to every little detail of the case and assure to keep each thing under observation.

Mobile Surveillance of Vehicles

The more we are heading towards advancement, the more security we need. Owning luxury vehicles has turned into the biggest struggle because your little negligence can cost you a big loss. Thus, to assure that your insecure thoughts are not distracting you from your everyday activities, we assure to maintain our quality and the title of being the best security companies in Florida via providing strict mobile surveillance of vehicles where our agents keep an eye on an eagle on your vehicles and all passerby.

If you are willing to go on vacation and worried about your vehicle or you feel like your parking area is not safe then come to us. We know that many of you are tired of asking people, do you know any steadfast security guard services near me? Then we are here to put a full stop on your never-ending search. Thony G and its team provide instant mobile surveillance of vehicles

Technical Security Surveys

Our expert and skilled team of detectives can turn all your impossibilities into obvious possibilities. In offering technical security services we integrate advanced databases and technology with unique investigation tactics, in action to collect evidence and information that our clients need. Whether you are willing to avail of this service confidentially on an individual basis or even on an organizational basis, all we need is a detailed scheduled consultation from you.

A detailed survey from the experts of a leading Florida detective agency is enough to alert thefts or suspicious people. In our team, we have hired agents that have been prepared to provide the best security services after a couple of training sessions. Before we bring our agents on-site, our security trainee experts first train each of the agents with specific skills and tricks that make our professionals pro and make them stand out from the crowd. We own the pride of providing the best security guard services for some obvious reasons. Being a top-tier private detective agency in Florida, we don’t even let any of our agents compromise on offered assistance and assure that each of the clients is being assisted at the utmost level of satisfaction and trustworthy security services.

Best CCTV’s System Network

We are known as visual experts and do not ignore even a single footprint in investigation or surveillance, especially when it comes to providing the facility of CCTV system observation. Detectives of Thony G can surprise you by solving the most unpredictable and mysterious cases for you and this is what makes us one of the most exceptional security guard companies in Florida. So, if you want our detectives to keep anyone under observation through CCTV cameras then inform us, we guarantee to keep all your information highly confidential.

CCTV networks help you in keeping a track record of visitors and activities that are being performed at your place or in your corporate sector. Whether you own a big scale business or want to keep a strict check on the visitors of your house, we provide equipment security that provides fully secured surroundings. Our experienced surveillance team strives to provide you mental peace and satisfaction through prompt and professional security guard services. If you are looking for a private detective agency Florida, then feel free to give us a quick call because along with reliable security assistance, we assure to provide strict surveillance services too.

The clientele of Thony G Validates Why We Are Known as ‘The Guru of Surveillance’

Be assured, we never divulge clients’ names without their consent. So far, we have served every client who has reached us through our signature code ‘best security guard services near me, in Florida’. Following are the clients whom we assisted with satisfied and reliable services.

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