2020 Marked TGDA as The Best Security Agency.

2020 turned out to be the best year for Thony G as we were marked as the best Florida detective agency. The reliable and trustable services of our intelligence team made it possible to achieve this milestone.

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Tony G Detective Agency provides the service of hiring private security guards. We strive to offer more than just protection. With our expert team, you will feel more secure and reduce the stress associated with crimes. Having a security guard on your property can prevent thefts and criminal acts from occurring, regardless of whether the prospective victim knows that they are on the property.

A mere sight of a security man is already enough to deter would-be criminals, thieves, or robbers. The detective company, Tony G Detectives, aims to provide the best security in Florida with its experienced security guards. TGDA focuses on offering reliable security services rather than just competing with other private security companies in Florida. This is what marks our company as more trustworthy and reliable for customers.

Get Armed Security Guard Services From One of The Top Private Security Companies in Florida

All Private security guards of Thony G Detective are licensed and are experienced enough to deal with sudden uncertainty. By hiring only the very best as security agents, we can ensure to provide trustworthy services. To accomplish our objective, we conduct a detailed investigation in which we ensure the licensing of guards and their previous experience. Furthermore, TGD performs some trials to evaluate the capabilities and skills of security men hired by the company.

For new members of the TGDA security team to be officially accepted as company employees, they must first complete all training hours to sharpen acquired skills and subsequently be assigned official duties. Thony G, being one of the leading private security companies in Florida, pays heed to all details and ensures to provide security services that are not only professional but exceptional enough.  We cover each corner of Florida; like our services, our accessibility is diverse too.


So, if any of you is willing to hire private security guards in Florida and are not ready to make a risky investment, no other option could be as better as Thony G Detective is. From professional security guards to up-to-the-mark customer support assistance, we take pride in serving the best in all aspects.

Surround Yourself Within Safe Boundaries

Crimes and uncertainties happen without warning, and due to unsecured surroundings, many people have to live a risky life. People with strong connections or social personalities are more likely to face threats eventually. In most cases, some emergencies are not predictable, and this can end up costing the most. As a precaution or for handling unexpected disasters, it is necessary to look for private security guards for hire.

Thony G Detective Agency does not believe in giving false hopes. In order to eliminate the probability of such threats, there is no such magic that we use. All we do is, guarantee to keep you all protected and assure to respond promptly when danger is found. Besides this, we train our agents in a way that sharpens their sixth sense and trigger them whenever there is any possibility of danger occurring. In order to maintain a safe and secure environment, opting for private security companies in Florida is considered one of the most effective measures that can be taken.


We provide private security guards that aren’t just skilled at security tricks but are also trained by law enforcement or retired military officers who offer exceptional security training services. Unlike other private security companies, we do not rely on regular training only. Instead, our off-duty trainee officer gives personalized security solutions to our security agents.

Private Security Services Include

Our professional and best private security guards count on each factor and assure to provide assistance that includes the following facilities:

People/Businesses That We Cater with Private Security Services

If you’re in the business world, then you stand at the edge of risk regardless of whether you run a big business or have a large social circle. So before uncertain threats engulf you in tangles of anxiety, it’s always a good idea to be late rather than never.


To clear up any doubts you may still have about how we assist businesses with our exceptional security services, let us give you a few examples. We keep it simple with our strategy and strive to serve all businesses with assets that are needed to be protected. Besides this, any proprietor or executive level can take benefit from the offered services. So, in the wake of uncertain threats, visit our site and choose your private security guard for hire immediately!


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